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Nirmala Archipelago Commodity and Export (NACE), is the right company choice when you are looking for products, especially products that are widely produced in Indonesia with the best quality on the market. With the suppliers we have, we can provide you Indonesian’s masterpiece you are looking for at a competitive prices on the market. We believe that your satisfaction is our success, and we believe that your satisfaction can lead to a strong relationship to provide benefits to each other. Good products, creates good business. Therefore, Nirmala Archipelago Commodity and Export (NACE) works together with domestic producers and local communities to obtain the highest quality products. We believe that Indonesian local products can can compete with other producers product from other countries, this is what makes the worlds eyes fixated on Indonesias natural wealth. Therefore, tell us what you need and we will immediately handle your needs in a fairly short time.


Introducing Indonesias rich natural and human resources abroad.


Advancing the life of homeland producers by opening up opportunities to the outside world.

Recall the worlds attention to Indonesias natural wealth.

Maximizing the potential of Indonesias wealth to improve the welfare of the nation.

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Brand Identity

We believe that local products Indonesia is one of the products best price in the world judging by natural wealth that is very sufficient and support to create a superior products that can compete in international market.


We work with a simple yet comfortable way to trade our products. By having local communities and farmers, we ensure you that we only provide the best quality product on the market straight from the local communities and farmers.

Best Quality

Nirmala Archipelago Commodity & Export is always thinking and searching the best producers in the country to showcase their products to the eyes of the world and compete in the international market.

Marketing Target

Our target market its main pursuit is the international market with mainly middle east countries, but we dont only looking at opportunities from the international market but also looking at the domestic market, especially other areas such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and other areas that are popular with Shisha consumers.

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